Lawn Maintenance

We offer exceptional Lawn mowing service
When you require this service from us we will take care of your lawn like if it was ours.
The service includes:
Mowing all the lawn areas you requested
Edging all sidewalks, patios, driveways and all hard surfaces.
Line trim around any structure where grass can’t be cut with mower
We blow off all the leftover debris from sidewalks, patios driveways, decks, etc.

Our lawn cutting services start in mid-May and finish at the end of September. We offer a variety of cutting services to meet your lawn cutting needs:

  • Weekly Visits
  • Biweekly Visits
  • Holiday Cuts
  • One-Time Cuts

If you fertilize your lawn and/or have an irrigation system, we recommend weekly lawn mowing.

What should you expect

  • To never have to think about your lawn again.
  • The most thorough, detailed, highest quality service ever.
  • Sharp blades every day. Yes you read right, every single day. Who does that?
  • Well trained lawn staff serving your property.
  • Protection: Thorough background checks, WCB and $2 million insurance policy.
  • Did we mention you never having to think about your lawn again?


You need to love our Lawn Mowing service or
it will be FREE



We certainly won’t let you down. You must be absolutely thrilled with our service. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, If we do the job and you don’t like it, or you are not satisfied, we will come back and make it the way you expect it. If we can’t get the job done the way you want, that job is FREE, so you can find someone that can do what you want.

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